Amplify Austin EAL!

Support early-career artists and help Austin's arts community thrive! 

This year, Austin EAL is especially excited for Amplify Austin, as it gives us an opportunity to fundraise for our NEW Mentorship Program launching in Fall 2018. This initiative is designed to shift through the dense creative industry and pair emerging artists with established professionals in a coordinated, meaningful fashion.

Matching Fund

Amount: $500.00
Provider: Kristin Gossett
Details: Kristin Gossett has generously offered to match dollar for dollar up to the first $500 raised. Thank you Kristin for your support! 

Schedule your gift today! 


EAL is a Sponsored Project of Austin Creative Alliance and is a chapter of the Americans for the Arts Emerging Leaders Network.

  • March 01, 2018 at 6pm – March 02, 2018

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