Funds & free resources to help you cope

To Our Community:The ground is shifting underneath us. In the past few weeks, we've all had to make significant adjustments in our personal and professional lives.Without a doubt, artists and arts administrators have been particularly impacted by the challenges these shifts present. In some cases the may even feel insurmountable.It is estimated that the nonprofit arts sector in the United States has lost $3.2 billion due to the thousands of cancellations and closings as social distancing measures were necessitated. Speaking of such a number doesn't convey the depth and reach of this impact on countless individual artists and lives, nor to the fact that an "end date" remains unclear.With public events on hold, it may be a minute until we have more news to share. But as we all make adjustments to the new realities and try to plan for uncertain futures, we wanted to share a few resources that might prove helpful to you at this time.In particular, we'd like to assure you that we'll be bringing our heads together as to how best to serve you now and as we move forward as a budding non-profit. If you have any thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear from you. All our best,Austin Emerging Arts Leaders Board

Come Meet and Greet with the 2020 EAL Austin Board Members!

We have added some new board members to our team and we would love for you to come and meet them!    Please join us, if you can, on Tuesday, March 3, 7:30pm in the lounge at Hotel Eleven in East Austin.    We hope to see you there, and if not, stay tuned for future events!

We Want You! Austin EAL Seeks 3-5 New Board Members

Learn more about Austin EAL and How you can be a part of our community. The deadline for applications is December 4th at Midnight.  Continue reading