What is the length and structure of the EAL Mentorship Program?

Promising applications will be invited to participate in one in-person interview. Based on a thoughtful and considerate vetting process we will select mentors and mentees based on the most beneficial fit for the mentee's creative and professional goals.

Selections will be made on _________. Mentor and mentee pairings will be made on _________. Our first gathering of EAL, all mentors, and mentees will take place on _________.

Between September 2019 and March 2020, selected EAL Mentees will receive private and confidential guidance from their mentor, tailored to the mentee's creative and professional goals.

Beyond an initial group gathering and monthly meetings, the exact structure and approach will be determined by you and your mentor. A dedicated EAL Austin representative will check in periodically to constructively share ideas, concerns, and goals that can support the mentee during the course of the program. Additionally, upon successful completion of the program, mentees receive a $200 stipend for continuing professional development.

If selected, what is required of me?

If selected, you agree to participate fully in the program. This includes commuting to designated meeting spots with your mentor at least seven times over the seven-month span of the program, engaging in occasional interactive events with other Mentees and/or the EAL community at large, as well as writing one blog post and completing a survey at the end of the experience. This survey will include a statement of how your stipend will be used at the end of the mentorship.


Do you accept late applications?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications after the due date. We look forward to reviewing your application next year.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is no cost to apply for the EAL Mentorship Program.